Frequently Asked Questions

A liquidity farm is a new concept, we came up with. This new type of farm will not only decentralize the liquidity, but also take it out of the developers hands. Our smart contract allows users to stake their LP(liquidity provider) tokens and farm more LP tokens, thanks to the smart contract featuring a dividend pool, that drips 1% of its value every day. The team has added all of its liquidity tokens to this pool. There is a 10% fee for Users who want to stake or unstake their lp tokens from the farm. That fee goes right back to the farm pool to be distributed as rewards. This measure ensures that the pool will never run out of rewards, therefore providing users with an incentive to keep providing liquidity for TOAD.
First you need to add liquidity to the toad-bnb pair on pancakeswap. After that the liquidity tokens you got will show up in this page for you to stake.